Is It Possible To Earn $100,000 A Year By Writing?

I couldn’t believe it myself when I learned from a friend that people actually earn $100,000 a year just by freelance writing. I know, right? The average American income per year is around $40,000 and that’s already 40 to 50 hours of working per week. Ridiculous amount of money by just sitting in front of a computer and typing, impossible? No, it’s really possible!

I’m a believer. Earning $100,000 a year is real. I’ve seen people do it, not just by one or two people, but by at least five. And they’re just regular freelance writers! Well, regular in a sense that they started small!

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Take a look at this, their team of eight have already earned over $350,000 in just 12 months!
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Visit this Elance Profile and click on “Lifetime” and be shocked!

Read Robert W. Bly’s “Secrets of a Freelance Writer: How to Make $100,000 a Year or More“.

Transcript and Resources:

People often wonder, “is it possible to earn good money by being a freelance writer?”┬áThe simple answer is yes.

In fact, I’m currently looking at three Elance profiles of freelance writers and guess how much they have earned for the past year?

10,000 dollars? 20,000 dollars? Maybe 50,000? Nope! More than 100,000 dollars.

Imagine that!

Well, these people have years of experience in freelance writing and they have a proven track record, which is the reason why clients keep on hiring them for freelance work.

What about people who, like me, have been writing for just two years, a year, or just a couple of months?

It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you have the following:

Three Things You Need

1. Great English writing skills – obviously you will need to be great with writing! This includes your knowledge about the topics you want to write about.

2. Great portfolio – which you can build by doing free work for your friends or for some guy on craigslist or on your local job boards. Pro bono work is a great way for beginners to kickstart their careers, especially when you have no connections in the industry. It’s a great way to build your portfolio and jumpstart your freelancing career. You may also try writing for blogs for free or for a fee, it is much easier since a lot of blogs are looking for guest contributors, and more credible blogs will actually provide constructive criticisms whether your submission is approved or not, another way of improving.

3. Persistence – for your last pet project, did you quit it just after a week or two? Or did you persist on pursuing that project? Have you been involved in mini projects with friends or with colleagues and all of you just stopped talking about it after some time? You won’t earn even $1,000 if you quit after a week of failure. Getting started with freelance writing is hard, but once you’ve landed your first client, the second will come in smoothly, so will the third, fourth, and so on. Once you break the barrier, that’s when things will get interesting. You just need to persist!

What you can do right now:

  1. Setup an Elance account.
  2. Build your own portfolio if you don’t have one yet, you can use WordPress, Carbonmade, Wix, or Blogger to host your work for free.
  3. Bid on as many projects as you can, write enticing cover letters and land your first job.

Do this until you get your very first client!

You should set a goal. How about for your first goal, you should earn $500 in one month starting right now? It’s doable. And if you managed to earn $500 during your first month, what could possibly stop you from earning $1000 on the next, and $5000 on the next and $100,000 for the entire year?

Again, you only need three things:

Great English, Great Portfolio, and Persistence.

Good luck!



3 thoughts on “Is It Possible To Earn $100,000 A Year By Writing?”

  1. When i read the title of this post at first it makes me think that you are just joking or trying to caught readers attention. But when i fully read this article it made me say, “What? Really?”

    Now, I am very inspired to build my blog portfolio http://startwithbasix.com .. Thank you for this information.

  2. Thank you for great article. It gave me a lot of motivation.
    I am starting to writing now and it is so hard. I have lots of ideas but don’t know how to put it in words.
    I am not USA citizen. I wonder if I can work for Elance.
    English is not even my native language.
    Do you think I can stand a chance before other Native writers?

    Thank you in advance

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