25% Hosting Discount And 2 Premium WordPress Themes

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I have a 25% hosting discount just for you, and it includes two premium WordPress themes! It’s hosting plus premium freebies that you won’t see just about anywhere!

Blogging is a lucrative job (or hobby!) and people are starting to realize this. But blogging using free services won’t really make you earn hundreds to thousands of dollars monthly!  You need something more professional, you need a self-hosted blog (like my site!).

You don’t know how to setup a WordPress blog? Well, I will teach you!

Hosting Discount Plus 2 Premium WordPress Themes

How To Build A Blog In 5 Minutes – Become A Professional Blogger

If you sign up on HostGator using my coupon code: onefourthoffmybill, you will receive a one-time 25% discount on your total bill. I will also give you two premium WordPress themes of your choosing from a gallery of over 80 premium WordPress themes. Wow!

Instead of $106.66 per year you can have it for $77.55 on your first bill! Not only that, you also get 2 Premium WordPress themes valued at $35 each!

Great deal? Ready to create your blog now?

Here’s a short video guide to help you create a WordPress blog in less than 5 minutes. If this video is not enough, contact me and I will help you setup everything!

Again, if you sign up using my coupon code: onefourthoffmybill, I will give you two premium WordPress themes (valued at $35 each!). Just contact me once you’ve signed up on HostGator and I’ll send you the files!

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Why should I pay to have a blog?

The first thing you need to do is ask yourself, “do I really need one?”

There are free plans out there, you can use WordPress.com, Blogger.com, Weebly, and hundred more. You don’t need to pay for anything, you can basically start from zero to riches.

Let me tell you this, there are three reasons why you need to have your own blog, under your very own domain.

  1. It is more professional – if you want to build a career out of it then always pay, it will only cost you less than $25 to get started. You get to have your own email address too. I will tell you more about this later. I will teach you how to build your very first website even without prior knowledge of it, all under $20. I promise.
  2. You have total control over it – all free website services have very limited features. Very limited designs to choose from, some won’t even let you place ads on your site, they don’t allow you to add special features that your service needs.
  3. Your own domain, your brand. If you start with, say, www.yourdomain.wordpress.com and it becomes popular, it will be quite a task to transfer everything to www.yourdomain.com. There are tools that can help you export your site’s content to a new server, but once people get familiar with your original website and you decide to transfer to a self-hosted solution, your traffic will drop, including your page rank on Google. Which is always bad for business, since you will basically start again.

Now that you know how to build a blog, have you decided already?