3 Things You Need To Have In Order To Be Successful Online

I’m writing based on my experience. I’ve been working from home since 2010 and I am absolutely certain that I will never leave this industry I am in. Although there were a couple of instances when I almost quit during my first couple of months working from home, it’s a learning experience that I will never be ashamed of telling people.

Realize that there are NO Shortcuts.

No, you can’t skip. You need to read everything. If you skip, then most likely you will not succeed. There is no magic word, no cheat code, and definitely no miracles when it comes to succeeding.

1. Passion


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The most important (and overused) thing to have is passion. You need to discover what really makes you happy, and at the same time makes money. Since our topic is how to earn money online, you will need to align your interests with the available market online.

For example, your interest lies in computer games or make up. There are hundreds of blogs out there that are looking for writers to hire just to talk about their topics. Do you have an opinion about all of the games out in the market? Why not share your thoughts about them? Do you have a unique make up technique? Why not teach people about it?

I love writing. I’ve been writing since first grade, I was around six at the time. I realized that my classmates were digging my short stories, so I began to create copies of the popular stories and had them rented for 50 cents. My classmates were renting my papers like mad, laughing and asking for more. I was happy and I was making money.I wanted to just write and write for them.

At the end of my little venture, I managed to buy myself a gallon of ice cream.

Come 2010, after graduating from college (where I was an editor of my college paper), I was hired as a full-time writer at Since then I’ve been writing. And there is not a single moment when I hated writing.

If I managed to earn a living by doing the thing I have passion for, what keeps you from doing it too? And I need to disclose that I’m not an expert, but I’m striving to improve!

2. Determination


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The road is rocky for beginners. Nine out of ten newcomers will quit within one week of working online. I’ve seen it, I’ve been disappointed by people countless times, and I learned that the problem is not that they lack passion, they lacked determination.

Through my years of working, I’ve interviewed and hired and trained almost 70 people. Half of them were of without experience, or were just starting, and none of them lasted for a month. Either because they had family problems or they simply vanished out of thin air. Pay is great, work is light, flexible time, but they still can’t do it. Why? Because their mind is not set to what they were doing. They did not have a plan.

No plan = not determined.

Starting anything requires planning. Planning is the cousin of determination. You plan because you want to succeed, and planning successfully and executing it no matter what is what you can call determination.

Part of planning needs to include how to handle problems.

All of the foreseeable problems that you may encounter, write it down, and plan ahead.

Internet connection problem on a daily basis? List down possible solutions: ask for a technician’s help, change internet service, or work from an internet shop.

The list of problems goes on and on but will you let that impede your plan? No!

Prepare yourself both mentally and physically, ingrain it to your mind that there will be moments when you will feel absolutely down – or worse, apathetic. Like, “eh, I no longer care what happens, not for me…”

How do you combat this terrible mindset?

3. Goals


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You can counter that terrible mindset of giving up either because you’ve been disappointed, hurt, lost inspiration by setting up solid goals.

End Game

What is your end game? My plan is to retire before I reach 30, have my own family, travel the world, and just write several books – all the while, my businesses are running fluidly without my constant supervision.

You need to have a grand plan. And you need to have retirement in mind.

Short Term

My goal for the entire month is to write useful posts for this blog, drive traffic to it, have its pages ranked by search engines, and teach visitors how they can earn money online and be successful.

Aside from that, I will continuously fulfill my duties at work (from home) and attempt to innovate what is currently laid in front of me.

How about you? What are your short term goals? Maybe it’s to research about working online, or from home, and I commend you for doing that – you’re doing it right now! That’s the first step!

Perhaps your short term goal is to earn your first dollar online? Setup a blog by the end of this month?

Your short term goals need to be something achievable. And these should be small pieces of the whole: for the benefit of your long term goals.

Long Term

For my long term goals, I will help the company I’m currently employed at setup our headquarters in the Philippines. Help expand the workforce, organize local conferences, go to schools and conduct seminars, and go to Japan for vacation.

And you? Maybe it’s to start earning $1,000 monthly within three, six, or twelve months (and by my standards, that’s already a lot!). If you want to start your own blog, maybe your long term goal is to drive 100,000 visitors to your blog monthly, constantly.

Catch my drift?

To End

This same topic has been written thousands of times, published all over the internet and on hundreds of books, and yet it still persists. The idea still persists because there’s wisdom in it. People managed to do it, why can’t you? Why can’t we? I’m still trying to get there, and so far so good!

Mind you, this article is applicable to almost anything.

Start your journey RIGHT NOW!


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  1. sir i really like your post, it motivAted me a lot right now. i will bookmark this page here in my browser so whenever i need motivation i can simply click on it. thank you so much and never stop helping other people.

  2. Thank you Rean, very motivational blog post. But reading it I felt people who are good at writng, who love writing have a better chance of making money today on the Internet. On the other hand talented web designers, graphic designers, programmers etc. have to learn to write to sell their service and make money. Seems unfair.

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